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NACAS is an association for college auxiliary services.

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In The Know
2016 Student Author Contest Winners Announced
Posted: May 31, 2016
NACAS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Student Author Article Contest. Read more
NACAS Education Foundation Announces 2016 Mereese Ladson Diversity Scholarship Recipients
Posted: Apr 13, 2016
NACAS Education Foundation announced today they have awarded the 2016 Mereese Ladson Diversity Scholarship to Adrianne Spann, administration & finance manager at Towson University, and Marshall Gray, postal, printing & vending services director at Western Kentucky University. Read more
NACAS Announces 2015 Award Winners
Posted: Nov 4, 2015
NACAS announced today the 2015 award winners. Read more
NACAS Installs Bill Redwine as President and Installs the new 2016 Board Members
Posted: Nov 3, 2015
NACAS installed Bill Redwine, assistant vice president at Morehead State University, as President, and added two new directors to its board at the 2015 NACAS Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. Read more
NACAS Names Kelsey Harmon Finn as New Chief Executive Officer
Posted: Oct 16, 2015
NACAS announced today that they have appointed Kelsey Harmon Finn as the new CEO of NACAS effective January 11, 2016. Read more
Presidential Perspective: Back at it!
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
This is such an exciting time of year, when we in Auxiliary/Ancillary Services welcome new and returning students to campus with new or reimagined programs and services. Read more
It’s a Brave New World
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
It’s time to reinvent and redefine. It’s time to innovate. Whether it’s your campus or your conference, everything must move forward. Read more
Teamwork makes the dream work
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
Exchanging your way to great relationships and high performance. An article by Tim Sanders, a keynote speaker at the 2015 NACAS Annual Conference. Read more
Risk-taking and leadership
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
Alison Levine is an adventurer, explorer and educator. She has climbed the highest peak on every continent and served as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. Read more
A new spin on student feedback
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
The Buzz.Report, an exhibitor at the 2015 NACAS Annual Conference, tracks student conversations online. Read more
The Harvard food literacy project
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
A growing interest in the study of food germinates into fellowship program. This topic will be featured in an educational session at the 2015 NACAS Annual Conference. Read more
Ten reasons why you should be a member of NACAS
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
As I began preparing for the NACAS 2015Annual Conference, I started reminiscing about why I became a NACAS member. Read more
Where is my ride?
Posted: Oct 9, 2015
How to develop and operate a modern-day after-hours transportation service. Read more
  • We're a small (150 student-athletes) combined DI/DII institution who issued a RFP last year. We selected Learfield Licensing after using CLC for years. If you'd like t...
  • I am currently looking for campuses that have designed new board plan dining halls that are not connected to a housing facility. As we enter a design phase, we are looki...
  • As the Auxiliary Enterprises Marketing Specialist, I oversee around 50 social media pages on many different platforms. We are looking to create social media standards in...
  • We have self-licensed at Shepherd. Learfield is probably the best bet if you want someone to represent the university, they tend to specialize in small institutions - L...
  • As the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us in the United States, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the importance of our role in higher education. Often times, you a...
  • Colleagues: At UIC, we're considering outsourced solutions for our residential wired and wireless networks. Does anyone have a recent RFP they'd be willing to share or ...
  • NACAS Friends I am seeking recommendations of consultants / firms that have experience conducting staffing analyses, specifically in campus housing. We seek to learn if...
  • We eliminated bottled water a couple of years ago as a sustainability initiative. We still sell flavored and smart waters, and still allow catering to provide it to pay...
  • Hi, We are a large CC and have utilized a declining balance card thru our point of sale. It allows students to add funds to the card at the start of the Fall Term and ...
  • How do you deal with the supplier regarding the reduction of bottled water and the economic impact to the institution? ------------------------------ Joseph Browne St. J...

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